Wednesday, July 26, 2006

As Movies Get Worse and Worse, Reviews Get Better and Better

Stumbled upon this site the other day. It's called the Four Word Film Review. Pretty obvious what this site is all about.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

New Link Alert

Hey folks, if you're like me you loved baseball cards growing up. Well check out the baseball card blog. It's a nice walk down memory lane.

Help Me Order Indian.

Believe it or not I've gone through almost 30 years of life and I'd never had Indian food. That is until about a month ago. And I think I fell in love. Problem is I ate all this food during a production shoot. Grabbing spoon full here and spoon full there I had no idea what this mystery goo was. Now I want more, except I don't know what to order. So please help me. What's good, and what's bad? The only thing I remember was this like meat filled pastry thing. Similar to an egg roll, but more like a triangle shape. Advise away please.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Feeling a little empty in New Yorke

I burned the new Thom Yorke CD yesterday. The first CD from the lead singer of the greatest band on planet earth; Radiohead. Upon first impressions I'm gonna go ahead and give it the old Ehh. Allow me to break down the varying level of Eh.

Eh--It's alright.
Ehh--It's alright, probably could've been more.
Ehhh--No so alright.
Ehhhh--Definitely not so alright.

Eraser--Ehh. It's alright. I like it. I don't hate it, but after listening too it, I just got mad. Mad cause I want a Radiohead album, not a Thom Yorke album. Eraser is in the valley, while Radiohead is in the mountains. Eraser is flat, Radiohead is complex and challenging. Thom Yorke definitely needs his bandmates to really push the limits of the human mind.

Just for fun I listened to Kid A right after the Eraser. Not even close. So while I recommend the new Yorke for a listen or two, I'm really just disappointed it's been almost three years since a new Radiohead album has hit my ears.

Monday, July 10, 2006

I lika de football.

Congrats to Italy on winning the world cup. Not a very compelling team in my opinion. If this world cup was a heavy weight fight Italy was the fighter that looked like crap, got the most bruises, but still found some way to win. You never want to see a game go to penalty kicks but this one did. Strange way to lose, but even stranger was the ejection of the greatest player of the last 10 years, Zidane. Here is what happened.

Even stranger still is that this event is probably going to be more memorable then the outcome of the game itself. This is the iconic type of thing that can only happen at the world cup. Zidane's meltdown will forever be mentioned with the 'Hand of God' and Baggio's missed penalty kick. Losing his cool meant France lost the game. But it also means Zidane will live on forever. Cause long after he is dead his action will be discussed. Dirty, yes. But so captivating.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

What is Organic?

This is where I strike a nerve with Farmer Drew. But I'm so sick and tired of looking every which way and seeing organic this, organic that. It's become so confusing I need to ask, what is organic? Sure, sure it's the growing and cultivating of foods without the use of pesticides. I get that. But what I don't understand is how food giants such as Frito-Lay can now claim they have an organic corn chip. Doesn't the whole idea of organic sabotage any organic claim Frito-Lay can make?

Like so many words with good intentions, Organic has fallen victim to one of the greatest menacing forces in America. Marketing. Whole Food, Trader Joe's, and local Co-ops have turned the word organic into a unique selling proposition and ran with it. The fact of the matter is who is policing this? Who makes sure something is organic? Even on Wikipedia's entry for Organic certification it clearly states the term is used to market the product of organic.

I'm not ripping on organic foods. I love them. Trader Joe's is one of my favorite stores, but that's simply because they manage to deliver this so called organic product at prices I can easily stomach. Go into any Whole Foods, and you'll be paying an arm and a leg for something that you could probably find in isle 5 of your local Piggly Wiggly.

Hopefully in the future the word organic will actually mean something. Rather than a buzz word to get soccer moms to shop at Whole Foods so little Bobby can grow up big and strong.