Thursday, May 01, 2008

Stupid and Disturbing

Going to sleep last night I started watching a movie called Hard Candy. First off I think I'm the only person who doesn't like Ellen Page, she bothers me. Nerd in the back of class who's cute and knows she's smart, deadly combo. I also think I'm the only person in the US that didn't love Juno. I liked Juno, but I thought it was one of those classic over written comedies. The dialogue, in my opinion, was way too cute and smarmy to be real. Seems like at the end of every sentence Ellen Page delivered some sort of quip. That got old to me. I'm not saying Juno is poorly written, it's not. But I do feel like it was over written. Still liked it, but I just wasn't gushing praise.

Back to HC. I love disturbing movies. This one, seemed to be disturbing for it's own good. By the end I think I wanted the creep to get away, in fact Ellen Page became the creep. Not a good movie and poorly directed, to many cuts that colors cross and blur out the lens.