Friday, March 24, 2006

The Seinfeld of Rap

Ok, I stole this from someone. But it's the perfect description for an amazing CD. A Grand Don't Come for Free by The Streets is rap, it's a story, and it's amazing. It's simple. A concept rap album. And at it's surface it's a rap album about nothing. Like the first Streets album, Original Pirate Material, Mike Skinner (AKA The Streets) discusses what it's like being a British everyman. His albums discuss many all important topics like playing PS2, returning DVD's, find the thousand quid he lost, his girlfriend being crazy, and the difficulty of a break up. It's fun, it's funny, and it's sad. A full run of the emotions. Not many musical albums of any genres can achieve laughter and tears. A Grand Don't Come for Free comes close.

During the late sixties the Beatles wrote, A Day in the Life. Now nearly forty years later, Skinner writes an album about a day in the life. Ironically, the Beatles took American rock and roll and made it better, maybe even perfected it. Likewise the Streets takes the idea of American Rap, and adds a little British ingenuity. I find this interesting. The idea of the Brits taking a peace of American culture and improving it. It's especially been evident in music. America gave birth to Rock and Roll, no question about that. But then those post war brits got their hands on Chuck Berry, and Little Richard. They never let go. The rock of the sixties, and seventies still lives today, and it's British.

The question is will this be the same with rap? At some point rap in America will lose some steam. It'll still be popular, but as far as innovation goes, maybe we need to look to our British neighbors? With the Streets, as well as someone like Dizzee Rascal the answer seems to be like the Brits are taking rap to the next level. It hasn't won over America yet, and maybe these two artists won't, but they'll certainly lead the way. Much like the Kinks did for the British invasion.

One thing is for certain no matter what side of the pond you are on, A Grand Don't Come for Free.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Virgin Does Great Ad Work

Check out this little nugget I found. It's a Virgin Music poster depicting a bunch bands. Can you find all 75? I see Smashing Pumpkins and B-52's.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Go with Frozen Lasagna.

I've tried to make a fresh, hand-made lasagna once in my life. It was a disaster. Meat was everywhere. Ricotta, mozarella, and all sorts of other cheeses were mixed resulting in a disgusting ricotterella combination. So take it from me, when you make Lasagna, save yourself some time, and agony and just buy a frozen one.

In order to understand lasagna we must first get to the core of what makes Lasagna tick. Lasagna was first recorded in history during the reign of Julius Caesar. In fact it was served in Caesar's elementary school, it was his favorite day. Wednesday. Many scholar's agree that the Roman Calendar originally had 8 days, but Casear hated the Swedish Meatballs, which were always served on the 8th day. So he got rid of it. Ironically Caesar's conquest of Europe was to make it to Sweden so he could behead the inventor of his most dispised culinary concoction. When Caesar ascended to the thrown he mandated that every cook in his kitchen know how to make lasagna. If they didn't they'd be cast off to work with his brother, Little Caesar. He enjoyed the less desirable pizza. Don't get me wrong. Normal sized Caesar liked pizza, just not as much as lasagna.

Lasagna was perfected over a thousand years ago, so you'd think I'd be able to handle the task today. But no. It's easily just as tasty. Pop it in the oven, boom it's done. Here's another interesting note on lasagna. Why does it not seem as good at restaurants? It's the only food where if you eat it at home it's better then when you eat out. I think restaurants are on to this frozen thing too. How many of these places actually have time to make lasagna? It takes forever. They don't have the time. So they buy frozen. And that's why you should go with frozen Lasagna.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Has HBO done it again?

Recently I've made a new pact with myself. As long as I have HBO, I'm giving any new series they debut a chance. HBO's track record is impeccable. Simply put, everything they do, I love. Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Rome, Curbed Your Enthuiasm, Mr. Show, Tenacious D, Ali G, ARLI$$, and now Big Love.

Like everyone I tuned in last night for Tony, Carmila, and the rest of the Sopranos crew. But after my short stay in Jersey, I was whisked away to the demented shores of the Great Salt Lake. There I was introduced to the first show, besides the Osmond's, that dealt with Mormon's. Already, I'm hooked.

I have a hard enough time keeping one woman happy. This guy has gotta take care of three. And it looks like it's going to be a pain in the ass. Oh yeah, they all live in one house kind of. It's like three houses with one back yard. Every few days they have one huge family meal together. It's crazy. And creepy too.

Mormon's, I don't know anything about them. Well I did read Under the Banner of Heaven, by John Krakeaur, good book, but some what of a one sided account of the religion. Sure it was founded by a circus magician, John Smith. And yes he got some tablets given to him by god. Of course only he could read them only with his magic glasses that no one else could have. Once these tablets were transcribed they were buried never to be found again. So I bet you're judging these Mormon's now? Well I'd hold off. Cause let me tell you a little story about Moses. He spoke to a burning bush, and then parted a sea. Religion is full of stories. Do you believe them all word for word?

Back to Big Love. The show explores two sides of Mormon's. 'Normal' polygimist households, and then the compounds that get real strange. This show is also going to take us on ride about Mormon business. I think the church provides money for businessman. So this should be interesting as the conflict is set between the Paxton character and the father character.

Big Love, give it a try.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

My Space is dirty and cluttered with hookers.

Over the past week I've done something important with my life. I started a profile on myspace. Rememeber myspace? It used to be called Friendster. Why would I do myspace, for that matter why would I do a blog? Because I'm important, and what I say matters. That's why, and if you have a problem with it please don't tell me cause I'm very sensitive and you'll make me very sad.

The real reason, not to sound all self important, is because in advertising it's vital that you understand all forms of communication out there. Blogs, and myspace are two such forms of communication (there's probably a million more I haven't discovered). Basically I want to find another way to have corporate America sneek into your life. This is why I started doing myspace. To understand a bit more on how it works and how I can reach people on myspace if I was a corporate entity. I do the blog cause god damn it I'm pretty interesting.

So back to myspace. Here's what I discovered. It's just like friendster. Except there's a little more room for customization. You can enter basic html programming and make the site yours. I haven't done this. html could mean hello tv my love for all I know. Nope, my site is basic, simple, bare bones. I have my mug up there and then a picture of my deceased dog Elke. Then there's this little column about who you are. So I entered some of my likes and dislikes. It's funny to see other peoples. Most people are really dumb. But not me, my like's and about me's are the best. Once all the likes and dislikes are done you get to the fun part. Searching for friends.

During this search you just type in people's names, boom they show up. Then you add them. I have about 30 or so friends. That's nothing. Some people, depending on how big their boobs are have upwards of 5000 friends. Right now Wilco, and Henry Rollins are my friends. I don't know if it's really them or not. But they're my friends. Henry and I are going out for some cyber cocktails later in the week.

Here's what I don't like about myspace. YOu're bombarded with emails from all these self serving bands who think they're the shit and want you to add them to your friend list. Don't think so NINTH. Yeah these fuckers from Finland want to be my friend. I don't know you Bjorn and I don't like your band so go away. Plus some people think it's awesome to have a song play on their myspace page. I HATE THIS. If you're a band cool. But seriously I don't want to hear your favorite song play when I see what you're up to. NO more songs. It's so annoying. So people even have a song, and a video. Time out person. Song audio, video audio don't mix.

So that's myspace in a nutshell. Nice way to keep in touch with buddies. Maybe even get a date, but annoying in that you have to listen to people's horrible music every time you go their site.

As far as the advertising ramifications, well I can see some benefit, but nothing really that great could come of it. Maybe just keep awareness going. Make someone feel better about a brand they're loyal to.

If you're lonely and need a friend visit myspace.

For My Next Frivolous Purchase

I love Planet of the Apes. I've been toying with the idea of buying the complete DVD series, but now I'm holding out. For this gem. The ape head is where the DVD's go. Science rules.

Planet of the Apes is great science fiction. Or as I like to refer to it as science fact. What if the internet has already been invented, or cars drove around, we had airplanes, and then something happened. Something mysterious. We (earth) was sent back to the stone age. Starting over billions of years ago, and now here we are today, but it was just like the past.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

CP+B stole my damn line

Yep. You work hard in advertising to try to get the best line produced. When it happens you feel good, great, and extra special. Then just when it's about to go up for the world to see, the best and hottest ad agency in America uses your exact same line. Plus VW is slightly more visable.

I'm not saying in da haus is some sacred sentence. But damn it, I'm disappointed. Maybe this means I can work there. Please hire me CP+B.

Short shorts and long tights.

We're men, we're men in tights. Apparently this is the new saying in the NBA. Men wearing tights is cool. Obviously it's true, cause all the stars are doing it. I'm a Bucks fan and four to five guys on the team are doing it. Everyone is doing it. But are the tights performance enhancers? Do they make a difference in a players game? Who knows, one thing is for sure, they look incredibly stupid.

What's going to come of this? Will little kids wear tights under their YMCA uni's. Probably. The NBA always seems to have this trend that comes, and eventually goes. The head band, the wrist band, the ultra baggy shorts, the bike shorts under the shorts, the tattoo, that arm thing that Iverson wears, and now this: full blown tights.

My theory is become truer by the day. NBA players are slowly becoming women. Maybe the WNBA isn't such a bad idea. Next season I heard Shaq's gonna be wearing a nice set of double D breats. He'll be known as the Big Aerola.