Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Kill Yourself

Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Great Burger Adventure--Hot Doug's

This place isn't a burger place, it's a Hot Dog place(deal with it). Specifically an encased meat emporium, or so the sign says when you enter. I'm a fan of cooked sausage. Especially that of the German variety. Sure Hot Dogs are alright, but I like something with a bit more substance. If you're like me then you'll wan to check out Hot Doug's.

For example, on my trip I didn't get anywhere near a hot dog. Sure the place has them, a variety in fact. And they're cheap, $1.50. I, however, had my eye on the "Game of the Week" sausage, Elk and Bacon sausage. Yeah Elk. Let me say this was perhaps the greatest culinary exploration ever. The elk and bacon combined to make a perfectly smoked sausage. Flavor-a-plenty. I washed this down with the Zaza Pachulia. A knockwurst wrapped in bacon. Very good, but after the other bacon-meat combo it was a bit much. On its own, probably very good.

Next time I go I'll have to go either Friday for Saturday for the French fries fried in duck fat.