Friday, June 23, 2006

I consider this matter resolved.

Wow, Wipeout is perhaps my most responded to post in the history of media meatball. So I thought maybe I could tap into some more of you responders. However, this one is a tad longer in description. I need your help. Am I an asshole, or is this Christine Miller a bitch.

About a month and a half ago I was given a motorcycle to use. Yes, another motorcycle story. I put this bike in my parking spot. It took up no additional space. In fact it was in harmoney with my hard. Two motorized vehicle, one spot, perfection. Well I get a notice on it. Says call me, Christine. So I call her. I politely explain it's not my bike, it takes up no space, and it won't be down there on a regular basis. Once in a while I say. She tells me, nope can't do it. I either pay for it, or I can't keep it down there. $75 for a month, FOR A BIKE THAT TAKES UP NO SPACE.

I immediately remove it, and give it to a co worker. He keeps it in his garage. Something comes up, he needs me to take it for 48 hours. I'm like, F it, it's two days, I'll drive it to work, the only time it'll be down there is when Christine Miller aka Satan won't be working. Well that didn't work. No more phone calls, no notices on the bike, just a bill, a three month bill for $225. So I call her back, of course she's not there. And I leave a tersely worded message. Saying I just removed the bike, there was a situation where I needed to keep it down there for 48 hours, it won't be in the garage again, I consider this matter resolved, Thank You.

I consider this matter resolved. Those five words cost me a parking spot. I get a notice in the mail, no call again, saying that "due to my blatant disregard to the parking garage rules I'm no longer welcome to park there as of July, 31st." Now I'm reflecting: was I jerk? I didn't think so. I mean I pay them $300 every quarter to park there. A bike was in my spot for maybe a grand total of 7 days, and now I owe them $225? I come to the conclusion that she must've perceived me as being arrogant and rude, although that was never the intention.

I call her, leave a message. Say, "I'm sorry. I didn't set out to get you upset, or get kicked out of the parking garage. I simply didn't understand being billed for something and not getting another warning. So I'm calling to apologize, if that means I can still park there great. Or if we're past that point I just wanted to say I'm sorry I was rude, and we'll just move on. But please call me, I think if I explained the circumstances you'd understand." Nice right?

Well then the fun begins. She calls me back, and of course I'm in the car. Not a good phone talking place. I again start off very nicely, "Christine I'm sorry if you thought I was being rude, that was never my intent. I just wanted to talk about this but it was voicemail, and I think you just misunderstood me." Here, "You were very rude. I've never meet anyone like you in all my life. And I don't know what business you're in but you clearly need to work on your social skills. This is ridiculous. And what situation could arise? I told you parking the bike isn't kosher, but you did it anyway." Me, "Yes and for that I'm sorry. I didn't follow the rules, but it won't happen again." Here, "and ther your message was just so rude, I consider this mattered resolved, that was such a rude thing to say. I had to play the message to my boss to determine what to do."

So now I'm getting pissed again. I mean I'm apologizing here. What else is there to do? So I'm like Christine please, I understand I was rude. I try one more feeble attempt at an apology. It's as if I said nothing. She goes right back to her diatribe about social skills behavior, blah blah blah. At which point I'm like, OK Christine I hate to interrupt you, but one of two things is going to happen. You're either going to accept my apology, or you're not. Probably rude, but whatever at this point she was being a total bitch. Such a bitch in fact my girlfriend was like you need to end this conversation. So I say you're either going to accept my apology or you're not. She starts going back into this parking thing. Talking about how no one has ever been this rude with this parking lot situation.

Click. It's over.

Ok, so maybe my message was perceived as rude. But come on, this lady clearly has problems. It's over now, and I need to find somewhere new to park. Oh well.

Monday, June 19, 2006


Today I took Dirt School. Where you learn how to ride a dirt bike. Well the morning session went great, then they let us out on the track. I was riding confidently. Until I took a corner a little too hot. I flew off the front of my handle bars and landed on my side. Then my head bashed into the grass. I'm going to be so sore tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Spotting a great ad is easy. It should make you fall over writhing in pain from laughter. Ladies and Gentlemen, Real Men of Genius. Originally started as a radio campaign, some genius decided it would be a good idea to put them on TV. What an idea. As someone who works in the industry, I hope to someday do something as great as these. I'll keep you all posted on my quest. In the mean time enjoy an ice bold Bud Light, and these spots.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Picture Pages

Milwaukee Art Museum, photo taken after a fresh snow. For those who don't live here this is the new face to Milwaukee. Replacing rusted out industrial wastelands of a bygone era. This is the symbol of rebirth. If you don't think Milwaukee is a city on the rebound you haven't been here in a while.