Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Favorite Show of 2005

Stella had a brief run. How is it a show like The Mind of Mencia or Life According to Jim can make it, but a funny show like Stella dies like plague ravaged rat? The collective taste of America is about as desirable as gangrenous foot trapped in a shoe two sizes too small. Maybe if enough people buy season one we'll see a return. I'm not holding my breath. But hopefully we can get another quirky hospital drama, cause there aren't enough of those.

Monday, October 23, 2006

The Great Burger Adventure--Boston Blackies

Chicago has a lot of great places to eat. Just like Isaac Newton set out to discover America, I'm setting out to discover the finest burger this city has to offer. I start at a place that's close to my heart Boston Blackies.

Blackies, from my understanding is a Chicago institution.(aside: you hear this a lot--Chicago institution and it's a stupid. As there are more Corner Bakery's here than anything esle. Is that an institution Chicago? No it's a chain.) Anyways it's a great place that's been around a while, as it should be. Inside it's pretty simple; bar, booths and tables. You wait in line normally, but it's worth it.

The menu is simple. Get the burger. It's the first thing you see. I went Blackie burger. Hamburger covered in fried onions and bacon. Delicious. What I really like about the place is they're ready for you. No waiting. You sit down, order and the food arrives promptly. The burger is cooked to perfection. You say, "medium rare" you get medium rare. The onions are buttery and melt in your mouth. Bacon adds it's unique taste and the ground beef is fresh, like the cow is in the back and they shave the meet off of it.

If you're in Chicago and want a burger seek out Blackies.

They Don't Make 'Em like this Anymore--Night Court

There was a point in time when John Larroquette was at the top of the TV world. Unfortunately those days are gone. A man as talented as Larroquette can only last so long before the fire burns out, the laughter quiets and the world turns it back on the man who made it laugh so much. Who could forget Second Sight, and most importantly Night Court. One of the best shows to ever take place inside the walls of a Manhatten Arraignment Courthouse.

The magic of Night Court was Dan Fielding, and we all know who played him. Menudo had Ricky Martin, Night Court had Dan Fielding. Of course there's a supporting cast.

I'm a big Harry Anderson fan. Who isn't? A dual threat. You see his magic and you think, "Can he do any more?" The answer is, yes he can. He's also a comedian! I couldn't think of anyone better to play a judge. In fact I'd love for Harry Anderson to continue the judging. Maybe during a daytime trial show. The People's Court starring Harry Anderson. Then when he's supposed to hit the gavel he hits a rubber chicken. Yuka...Yuka.

Judge Harold Stone is supported by court clerk MacIntosh "Mac" Robinson who's got the heart of a teddy bear. Secretly I always wanted Mac and Roz to get it on. I mean come on, similar backgrounds and you always thought Mac tired of his Vietnamese wife. It never happened. Man that Roz was one tough cookie.

Which brings me to Bull. If I was casting a movie where I needed a dopey baliff who was child like in appearence as well as mentality, I'd give Richard Moll a call. Probably the next best character on the show, after of course Dan Fielding.

In the end, Night Court, was one of the best second tier shows of the eighties. The 90's had Wings, the 80's had Night Court.

Monday, October 16, 2006

I am Lindsey Buckingham

And I am cooler than you.

A Night At the Movies

Last night I went to see The Departed. An amazing violent, yet hilarious movie about undercover cops and rats. Great movie. Loved every second of it, and most importantly the big named actors seemed to disappear and their characters actually came to life. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes good movies. In Scorcese terms, it's more Goodfellas then Casino. And it's sure to go down as one of his better pictures.

Now comes the complaining. As a recent resident of Chicago I decided to drive to the local cinema. AMC River East 21. A monsterous theater. While parking I see a sign that says 8 dollar special. Think ehhh not too bad. Well it was 8 bucks for a half hour. COME ON. Then when me and the three other folks I'm with go to buy a ticket to a 715 show we find out it's sold out. Fine, we'll do 815. Then the cashier explains that the validation won't work cause it's only for four hours. He tells me to leave and come back. I'm like sorry buddy that's not going to happen. Oh and the validation brings the price down to a reasonable 13 dollars. Alas that was wishful thinking. I end up paying 26 bucks to park, and a total of four tickets cost 36 bucks. Not to mention the 27 spent on popcorn and soda for all of us. So all in all for four people to enjoy a movie in downtown Chicago on a Sunday night the price tag to 89 bucks.

And you wonder why the movie business is doing so horrible.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Big city life

I moved to Chicago. Now I'm here, officially.

My new apartment is in Greektown. So I'm never too far away from a gyro. Those who know me, know that's a good thing. I'm also conveniently right across the street from a Staples Office Superstore. I've never been to a Staples, but I think I'm going to start burning through office supplies. Probably go get some pens. Maybe a couple ink jet cartridges.

I've never lived in a city this big. Minneapolis is decent sized, Milwakee too. Easton Pennsylvania is small. So it's taking some time to get used to it. The one observation I've had is this, it takes longer to do everything. Going to dinner, going to the store, it just takes a bit longer. Fortunately I have a car. Everyone is like you don't need a car, you don't need a car. Well you don't but it's certainly handy. Although I already got a 50 dollar parking ticket. So go figure.

I'm here. Come visit.