Thursday, September 07, 2006

They Say the Space Shuttle Launched In 1981

They were wrong. The first shuttle was actually launched in the late 70s by none other than Hugo Drax. Criminal mastermind and nemesis to one James Bond. What can be said about Moonraker that already hasn't. It's by far the most entertaining Bond movie of all time. Good, far from it, only one word can be used--GREAT. Ladies and Gentlemen an ode to my favorite Bond film Moonraker.

What makes a Bond movie great? Well we need to start out with a completely far fetched premise. Hugo Drax steals a space shuttle made by Drax Industries from the bottom of the Ocean. He intends to fly it to outer space where his master race will prosper, grow and then someday journey back to earth after the poison gas kills all the inferior folks left behind.

Then you need a ridiculously named woman to entertain and assist Mr. Bond. Enter Dr. Holly Goodhead, astronaut and CIA operative sent by the US to assist in the investigation of Drax Industries.

Next an evil henchman is needed to assist our villian. Moonraker really hits it out of the park in this category. Jaws is mean, he's tall and he's got metal teeth.

But every Bond movie has these elements. What really take Moonraker to another stratosphere(sorry) is the over the top special effects. They just don't make them like this anymore. Laser beam fights? I wonder if NASA had this planned for the first shuttle launch.

Put all these elements together add the thespian Roger Moore and you have a movie that not only hasn't stood the test time, it's morphed into the greatest comedies of the last thirty years. Hopefully the new Bond, Daniel Craig, will use some of the class and sophistication Roger Moore displayed years ago.

Idle Time

Despite the urging of music critics everywhere, I recently purchased Outkast's new Idlewild album. And guess what it's pretty good, even though I haven't read a single positive review of it, save Rollingstone. My review is positive as well. It's what you've come to expect from Outkast. Great beats, interesting lyrics, and enjoyable. So why all the negative reviews?

My theory, a conspiracy. These music critics hate the idea that Big Boi and Andre 3000 work seperately but release the album as Outkast. If you want what you've come to expect form Outkast then Idlewild will deliver. If you want the answer to the worlds hunger problems you may be disappointed.